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Artist Neil Goldberg uses a collection of thousands of index cards onto which he’s obsessively jotted observations, reflections, and ideas to prompt conversations with some of his favorite New York artists, writers, performers, and beyond. Season 3 out now!

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Latest Episodes

Oscar René Cornejo: Quema Rancho

Artist Oscar René Cornejo tells us how he earned his childhood nickname.


Ray Lipstein: The One Hundred Face

Writer Ray Lipstein describes the melodrama of looking in the mirror. Neil and Jeff discuss the consequences of straight men not gasping.


Monique Truong: Peak Desperation

Writer Monique Truong describes her love of showering when it's raining outside.


Angela Dufresne: Our Sex is Aesthetic

Artist Angela Dufresne makes the case that painting is like cats, fashion is like dogs.


Cassie Da Costa: Thanks In Advance

Neil discusses the micro-acting exercise of saying “my husband.” Writer Cassie da Costa finds deep truths in customer service language.