what's the podcast about?

For the past million or so years, NYC-based visual artist Neil Goldberg has been writing down passing thoughts on index cards. He has thousands of them. In SHE’S A TALKER, he uses them as prompts for conversations with some of his favorite New Yorkers – artists, writers, performers, and beyond. Each of his guests has a wild imagination, takes the beauty and brevity of life seriously, and balances vulnerability with humor. New episodes out every Friday.

About The Host...

Neil Goldberg is an artist who makes video, photo, mixed media, and performance work about embodiment, sensing, mortality, and the everyday.  The New York Times described this work as “tender, moving and sad but also deeply funny,” and Time Out New York wrote, “Goldberg has produced some of the most quietly intense and affecting art of his generation.”  His work is in the permanent collection of MoMA and other museums, he’s a Guggenheim Fellow, and since 2013 he has been on the faculty of the Yale School of Art. Neil lives on the Lower East Side of Manhattan with his husband Jeff Hiller and their cat Beverly. You can find out more about Neil on his website .

Inhibited Bites: Vortex | 2018 | Single Channel Video | 9:00 min.

Why's IT CALLED She's a Talker?

That was the name of Neil’s first video project. “One night in the early 90s I was combing my roommate’s cat and found myself saying the words ‘She’s A talker.’ I wondered how many other other gay men in NYC might be doing the exact same thing at that very moment. With that in mind, I set out to videotape gay men all over NYC in their living rooms, combing their cats and saying ‘She’s a talker.’” A similar spirit of NYC-centric curiosity and absurdity animates the podcast.

Still from She’s a Talker | Single Channel Video | 1993 |  1:30 min.